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Management Incentive Trips

We want our shining stars to know they are appreciated and to be given an opportunity to kick back and relax on an exciting, paid-for vacation.

Annual Awards

Every year, our top players and teams are recognized at a company banquet for their high efforts and impressive skills.

Flexible Scheduling

You tell us when you are available to work. Our flexibility with scheduling is a good reason to work at Amigos/Kings Classic. We need help at several peak times throughout the day and many of our locations are open late, so hours may vary. In addition, employees may work at more than one store to fill needed shifts. Our managers understand your work schedule must fit around school activities and family obligations, so you have an opportunity to request time off and complete forms indicating the hours you are available to work.


When you are ready, you will be cross-trained to do several jobs. Therefore, you won't get bored doing the same thing on every shift.

Food Discounts

Enjoy all your favorite Amigos/Kings Classic foods for free before or after your shift or while on break and 50% any other time.

We Hire at Age 14

We understand young teenagers are often eager to begin working as early as 14. Many companies will not hire employees until they are at least 16 years old.  Amigos/Kings Classic does hire 14-year-olds and train them and adheres to all state laws for minors.

Bonus Programs for High School Students

Earn extra spending money while in high school for working "prime" shifts on weekends or lunchtime.  Amigos/Kings Classic also gives a graduation bonus based on how many high school semesters that are worked for our company.  We are a company that appreciates high school students.

College Tuition Paid - Student. Tuition. Employment. Program (S.T.E.P)

Think ahead! Amigos/Kings Classic may be the best way for you to afford college. Tenure built up during high school can help you get a higher percentage of your tuition paid. In addition, agree to work a certain number of qualifying peak shifts throughout the semester and a minimum of 15 hours per week and you can earn up to $4,000 annual tuition reimbursement in addition to your hourly wages.

Paid Time Off

All employees are eligible for Paid Time Off after their one year anniversary with the company if they work over 35 hrs/week average.  The rate of your Paid Time Off week is based on the average number of hours worked per week during the previous year.

Advancement Opportunities

You will have frequent job reviews to know how you are doing.  You will have the opportunity to learn various positions within the restaurant.  If you show the potential to be a leader, you can advance to positions such as shift supervisor, assistant manager, associate manager, or manager.

Health and Dental Insurance

If you are interested in health and dental insurance, it is available to any management position who consistently works 30 or more hours per week and has been employed for a minimum of 90 days. The company pays a portion of the premium.

High School Bonuses
High School Bonuses

You can earn extra spending money while in high school for working for a company that appreciates high school students. We have designed two programs to reward high school students for working for us.  Eligible employees can participate in both plans at the same time.

Also, working one, two, or three years before starting our college Student Tuition Empoyment Program will give you extra points towards that program and make it easier to earn more money.

Graduation Bonus

$100 per semester

Upon their high school graduation, qualifying employees receive a check of $50 for each semester completed while working at Amigos/Kings Classic. It makes a great graduation present!

  • All high school students working at Amigos/Kings Classic are eligible for this bonus.
  • The cut-off hire dates to gain the tenure bonus for the semester are September 15th and February 1st.
  • The bonus will be figured on continuous employment from the hire date, regardless of which location(s) the student has worked during their employment. Tenure is figured by school semesters.
  • The bonus check will be written to the employee and sent to the store within a week of high school graduation.
  • The student must be currently employed by Amigos/Kings Classic at the time of graduation.

Susan started working at Amigos/Kings Classic on January 25th during her sophomore year of high school. She had worked a total of five school semesters upon graduation. Susan received a check for $250 ($50 x 5 semesters) minus taxes within a week of her graduation.

Prime Time Bonus

$300 per semester

  • Qualifying high school employees can receive $200 at the end of each school semester if specified "prime time" shifts are worked.
  • This bonus is available to all high school students working at least one weekend night closing shift (past midnight) an average of three times per month or working the lunch shift an average of three times per week during the semester.
  • The bonus check will be written to the employee and sent to the store within two weeks after the end of each high school semester.
  • Cut-off hire dates are September 15th for the first semester and February 1st for the second semester.

Jeff made himself available for work either Friday or Saturday nights on as many weekends as possible. He checked the school football schedule and what his friends were doing and asked off for the nights he had other plans. At the end of the semester he had worked an average of three closing shifts per month and received a $200 bonus check.

Tuition Program
Tuition Program

Step Up Your Future!

Taking college classes and working for us?
You rock.
We want to reward all that hard work with a check written directly to you -- up to$4,000 every year on top of your hourly wage.


The more peak shifts you make yourself available for, the more money you get.
Simple as that.
When you pass all your classes, you’re golden.
So give us some of your time and we’ll give you some niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice chunk change.

The Student Tuition Employment Program was created in 1986 with just two employees participating.

The program reimburses students for a percentage of their tuition based on the number of peak shifts (lunch or late night) that they are available to work. In order to qualify to be on the S.T.E.P. program each semester, employees must be employed at the start of the semester, make themselves available to work qualifying peak shifts consistently throughout the school term, and work a minimum number of hours a week.

The program is based on a point system and participants earn points for number of years worked and for working our busiest times. The point system determines the percentage of tuition that the employee is reimbursed. The maximum amount available to an employee on S.T.E.P. during a school year is $4,000.

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